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Condensate Pot    

Condensate Pot

Condensate Pot

Stainless Steel 316L Condensate Pots

316L Steel Condensate Pots Suppliers, DIN 1.4404 / 1.4435 Condensate Pots, SS 316L Condensate Pots, SS 316L Seal Pots, UNS S31603 Condensate Pots, Grade 316L Stainless Steel Condensate Pots Manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

CONDENSATE POTS are used to catch and hold condensate. This helps keep manifold orifices clean and free of foreign material. They are located upstream of the instrument and have a bottom drain so that they may be cleaned. The condensate pots are available in a range of materials. Installation can be either vertical or horizontal lines between primary (Flow Meter) and the secondary (transmitter/ gauge) to act as a barrier to the line fluid permitting direct sensing of the flow conditions. Units should be mounted at the same level minimizing possible error that could arise due to unequal head of fluid in the connecting pressure lines. Typical industry applications include: refineries, Power Plants, Chemical and Petrochemical, Steel Plants and other process industries. SEAL POTS (sometimes called condensate pots) are used to allow a liquid seal between the instrument and flowing gases such as steam. Their function is to keep the liquid level constant in the impulse tubes. For example, in boiler liquid level applications the high pressure (HP) side of a differential pressure transmitter is connected to the vapor space on top of the steam drum. Steam condenses in the chamber or seal pot and fills the impulse line with Condensate Pot. The seal pot is located to allow the condensate Pot to drain back to the source thus keeping the liquid level constant.

Air Headers

We are one of the front lined Instrument Air Header dealer and supplier in Mumbai, India. Our firms offered Air Headers are intended to lessen the quantity of potential break ways as opposed to creating instrumentation associations with tubing. Likewise, we Air Header Manufacturer are providing the same product in a required dimensions and modifications as per the individual client’s choices for to associate channels for assortment of gas and fluid application in different enterprises.

Further, we leading Air Header Exporter firm in India were more distributing this product to the numerous international clients and also mainly having the huge clients support from many domestic cities by supplying them in a wholesale costs as they were easy to use, sturdy structure, attrition resistant etc and with the safe packaging for the product’s better protections.

Air Header

Air Header

Air Header

Product Features :

Size: Inlet 1/2” x Outlet 1/2"
Size: Inlet 3/4” x Outlet 3/4"
End Connections: NPT, BSPT, SW
Working Pressure: 6000 PSI
Temperature Rating: PTFE 450°, 232°c / Graf oil -700°F 371°C
Material: SS 316, SS 304C
Optional Sour Gas Service Valves Are Available Confirming To NACE Std. MR-01-75
Packing: PTFE, Graf oil
All Valves Are 100% Factory Tested Prior To Shipment    

Product Application :

Air headers are mainly used for Air Distribution and to centralized several connections. It uses in refineries, liquid petroleum gas processing plants, Petrochemical plants, systems difficult to shut off due to solid contents dust, rust, dirt, etc.

Syphon | Syphon Gauge Cock | Syphon Tube

In India, we are the greatly recognized firm of Syphon Tube Manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai Maharashtra. The offered tubes are known to be most usually utilized for water system reason for moving water over a boundary and furthermore It doesn't have any moving parts which make it dependable in nature with no upkeep necessity so our Syphon Gauge Cock in India have got the immense demand for its special features & longer shelf life.
Also, We are well known as Syphon Tube Exporter of reasonable priced ranges for our valuable worldwide patrons. Our skilled specialists are manufacturing this Syphon tubes with the spectacular outlook, precisely designed tube, sturdily made body structure, capable of withstanding with high pressure and we are selling this multiple featured Syphon tubes at very rational price.






Product Specification :

Material : CS,  SS 304/316 SEMLESS TUBE
Size :1/4″ to 1/2” Pipe, Such 40,80,120
End Connection : S/W, Screwed. NPT, BSP, Male/Female, Swivel type.
Type : Q type, O Type, Plate U Type, Straight U Type


Pressure Gauge Syphon  are intended to protect the pressure gauge from the effect of hot pressure media such as steam and also to the reduce the effect of rapid pressure surges. Condensate of the pressure pressure medium that is collected inside the coiled or U-shaped portion of the Syphon  prevents direct contact. When first installed the Syphon  should be filled with water or any other suitable separating liquid.


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